Are you looking for a tool that proffers you acumens and direction to keep your YouTube channel growing? If yes, then vidIQ is something you should check.

Now, a question that strikes in your head, what vidIQ is? 


VidIQ is an incredible tool to boost your YouTube channel. I am currently using it, and it is beyond my expectations.

I have discovered its wide array of features that aids in channel development and video optimization.

Running a YouTube channel apparently seems like you made a video, upload it on YouTube, and Tadaaa, you got millions of likes, Nah! It can happen only in your dreams.

However, operating a YouTube channel is not kids' stuff. To get people's attention towards your channel, you need to work on your videos from different directions. Moreover, what prevents your channel from growing?

Undoubtedly, vidIQ is the solution to all of your problems. It is a YouTube-certified tool. You can use its basic features for free, whereas advanced features at a very decent cost.

In vidIQ's dashboard, you will find certain handy features, namely:

  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Score
  • Best Time To Post
  • Thumbnail Generator
  • Keyword Suggestion
  • Prevent Demonetization



In order to jump ahead of your competitor, you need to keep your eyes on your opponent's work.

How will you decide that who your competitor is?

The competitor is someone who is working on the same niche as yours.

Thus, the vidIQ lighten up your burden and enables you to add opponents channel, thereby, you can collate your metrics with others.

Once you have added all your competitors, then you can get the information like:

  • Subscribers
  • Views
  • Videos
  • Average views/day
  • Average subscribers/day
  • Average videos/day

Additionally, it compares your channels views, rating, and insight to others. Besides, the plus point is that you get the top-used keyword from your competitors. Subsequently, you can add those keywords to your title, descriptions, and tags.



YouTube keyword research is essential to improve the visibility of the videos on search engines.

Undoubtedly, vidIQ works as a keyword research tool that offers you a complete keyword score.

As you start typing on the search engine, the tool will finish the keyword for you. Such kinds of suggestions reflect what people have searched. 

As you enter the term in the search engine, you will get the list of keywords. Besides, it will show you its search volume, competition score, related score, and overall score.

What does that mean?

It means you are searching for a keyword that should have a search volume of 100 and 0 for the competition. However, if your niche gets too much traffic, the number will not seem that good.


Search engine optimization is an essential factor in ranking on search engines. Additionally, the objective of SEO is to make your video visible on search engines.

VidIQ gives you the SEO score that tells you about insights. And how well your video works on several queries. 

The SEO score ponders the performance factor, for instance, high-ranking tags, titles, descriptions, end-screens, cards, close captions, and more.


VidIQ displays a video optimization checklist. Therefore, you can ensure that your video works soundly on both social and search.



The best time to post is a super cool feature of vidIQ. In fact, its name says everything. It advises you on the best time to publish a video on your YouTube channel.

It tells you the exact time when your subscribers are active on YouTube.


Thumbnail is the first blush people get about your video while scrolling! Therefore, in order to attract the audience to your video, design an enticing and engaging thumbnail. Otherwise, YouTube will create it for you that is not appealing.

Luckily, vidIQ proposes a tool that helps you to generate thumbnails. Plus, you can create a thumbnail template by adding custom images, text, shapes, and little branding to advertise yourself. Once you got what you want, eventually, publish it on your video.


VidIQ will also highlight the keywords in your metadata that could be controversial and leads to demonetization. For instance, you use a title like “5 ways to shoot an event from your smartphone,” which could be troublesome. The word shoot seems conflicting to YouTube. Since the demonetization, the policy of YouTube is not clear.


This tool suggests keywords, though I don't know on what basis. It might be fruitful for others, but apparently, it didn't work for me.


Overall, the vidIQ for YouTube is an outstanding tool to grow a YouTube channel. It does not only proffer you the analytics of the video. However, it also gives your insight into your whole track. It supports you in keyword research, SEO strategy, and other critical areas of channel development.

Besides its web software, its chrome extension is brilliant too. Plus, both of these applications are user-friendly.

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