Minimalist Design with lumion


In this tutorial, I have cooked a simple Minimalist design with lumion. Interior rendering is a sort of 3D rendering that allows you to customize the interior design. For more understanding of 3D rendering, you can also check our blog on 3D RENDERING.

Additionally, 3D interior designing is interpreted as providing the maximum luxury in the minimum space. It can offer a realistic presentation of the design that can help the client to more clearly understand the project. As well as make the selling method swifter.

To create a realistic interior design, Lumion is the best 3D rendering software because its lighting and shadow technology allow you to present the idea efficiently.

Moreover, it can provide you with an exact idea that how furniture and other appliances interact with space. As well as the different colors, textures, and lighting.

Interior rendering enables you to present all different options to the client. Because most of the time, the client does not aware of what exactly they need. So it allows them to choose what character of your work they prefer.

3D interior designing can assure the client's satisfaction and create a  good relationship between the client and designer. It can also save you money and time.

What Is Minimalist Design?

Our client wants to renovate her room, so she has provided us with the room space and designed what she wants. However, she does not like the end model. Because she has asked us to add too many things which make the room look overly crowded.

Then we asked her to renovate the room on our own. So, what we have done. we go for the Minimalist Design approach, we didn't add too many materials but we have worked on color contrast and comfort.

We have worked on colors according to the color combinations. If the textures are loud then the surrounding items of furniture are of soft color.

However, our basic goal is to provide comfort. Usually, comfort is of two types that are physical and visual.

Laying on the bed gives you physical comfort which is very important. But the colors that surround you are also very important for your visual comfort. If the colors in your room are too loud, they can be harsh on your eyes and give you a headache. In contrast, the soft colors are visually pleasing and can help you to relax.

We have put a lot of effort to make it comfortably luxurious with minimum material. Therefore, we have sent the end scene of the tutorial to our client which she has liked the most. We have added it here too.

Minimalist Design with lumion
Minimalist Design with lumion

If you are wondering which CPU and graphics card will be better for rendering. So you can check our blog on BEST CPU FOR RENDERING and BEST GRAPHICS CARDS FOR RENDERING.

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