Minimalist Design with lumion


In this tutorial, I have cooked a simple Minimalist design with lumion. Interior rendering is a sort of 3D rendering that allows you to customize the interior design. For more understanding of 3D rendering, you can also check our blog on 3D RENDERING. Additionally, 3D interior designing is interpreted as providing the maximum luxury in … Read more

The Best CPU for 3D Rendering 2021

best cpu for 3d rendering 2021

Certainly, the CPU is known as the “brain” of the computer. Because it is the central mathematical engine and does a lot of calculations. So Here is the list of The Best CPU for 3D Rendering 2021 Additionally, It is the most important hardware for rendering as well. However, It is quite difficult to choose … Read more



Lumion is a 3D rendering and visualization software used by architects, engineers, and urban planners. It allows users to create photorealistic images and videos of their projects. Lumion is a resource-intensive program, so it is important to choose a laptop that can handle the demands of the software. What do you need to know before … Read more

What Is Rendering A Video in Architecture?

What Is Rendering in Architecture?

Rendering is the process of forming a 2D or 3D photo-realistic image of any property or building before it has been built. It transforms non-realistic images into photorealistic images/Videos. And its final look is much like that taken from a traditional camera that most the clients can’t tell the difference between the real photo and … Read more